fedora-penguinLinux Fedora 19 was released yesterday, Tuesday July 2nd, 2013.
I downloaded the 32bit, 64 bit and live versions in the morning, made DVD’s of them,
and will use them to test out and try out on new machines.

The upgrade process from Fedora 18 to 19 is different than the past..
In the past one would boot from the DVD and choose upgrade and let it go.
Now one is not even supposed to need the DVDs. Rather it is all upgradable from the existing system.

1. Log into the system as a regular user
2. switch user to root: su
3. Install the fedup program: yum install fedup
4. run the installed: fedup – – network 19
It then downloads approx 678 packages in about 5 minutes.
5. Restart and choose “system upgrade” (default) : shutdown -r now
6. Wait while the upgrade progresses (about 20 minutes), then auto restart

total time start to finish: 26 minutes

remote login ok

Linux version 3.9.8-300.fc19.i686.PAE
looks good! One down and a whole bunch to go!