The Lennox and Addington Horticultural Society (Napanee’s Garden Club), met on Wednesday 2014 March 19th at the Napanee Fire Hall community/training room.

The guest speaker was all about tools and care and maintenance of them, followed by general Q&A and gardening tips from the audience of 28+ people.

Tips: sharpen a hoe on both sides (this was a non-standard hoe). The speaker preferred to use hand files (chainsaw files).
– clean after every use
– sharpen when necessary
– use vegetable oil to stop rust after they have been cleaned
– the dandelion picker was a great tool!
– earwigs – water and soap spray (dawn soap) on flowers to deter them;
wood ash worked into flower and veg beds help deter the bugs;
another earwig tip – put out a 12″ section of hose to collect earwigs as they look for cover, then dump into soapy water bucket to get rid of them – repeat as necessary
use a solution of 1:100 ammonia in water to deter slugs on hostas before the hosta leaves come out.
– ants – aspertane sweetner solution; corn meal; borax solution with jam in bottle caps around the infested area – may take a long time