20140504c-7990Some random notes about May:
* peas are starting to come up in raised veg bed #2 with the new pea stands
* the grass went 3 shades more of green over the last few days… still cold though, risk of frost next two nights.
* astrocats (astronomy trade show in Hamilton) was fun. Not enough to stay for two days however.
* last wood stove fire tonight! All of the firewood will be gone.
* so much yard work to do.. so little time.
* damn two stroke engines! the garden tiller refused to start. mixed up a fresh batch of high test gas and oil and still refuses to start. arrg.
* The Napanee Community Food Bank Garden won an award from L&A Hort District 3 annual meeting. Way to go!
* new rabbit and deer fences have to go up very soon.. this week.. this weekend… soon.
* yay* another election. just what we don’t need, an expensive first past the post election which in a multiparty environment reality, will almost certainly not change anything. another minority government of one sort or another. Most of the rest of the world’s population in democratic countries have far more “democratic” systems than we do, parliament or no parliament. We can expect the “winners” to have far less than 50% of the vote of the population, more likely 20-30%. Let us move to a multiple vote system, re-voting until the winner has a clear 50%+1. Then the unrepresented minority will only be 50%-1 and not 70-80%.