What a difference a week makes! On the left you see the crocuses that were coming up on April 13th, beautiful colourful blooms were such a delight after such a long cold dreary winter.So much life and hope. After a weekend of warmth and sunshine, we ended up with a cold spell in the mid week with temperatures down to -9C at night for two nights. These lovelies were covered with buckets to protect their blooms. On Thursday morning we took the pails off and they were there in the morning. We came home late, and they were there in the evening. On Good Friday morning I wake up and look out to see the lovely blooms, and behold the picture on the right has no blooms. Ah! But the evidence is there. Look closely, you see that hoof mark. I hope the deer that ate these lovely blooms, enjoyed their delicate taste…….I will be watching for you My Deer……my tulips are now coming up!img_7772smimg_7677sm