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A visit to the Beaver Ponds Estate 2014 Garlic Field Day.
This was a Sunday 4 or 5 hour meeting of Garlic Growers to learn and share information about the latest in the Garlic Growing field.
I lost track but I think you are looking at over 3500 garlic plants… over 200? types to boot.
Good information about the leak moth, bulb and stem nematodes and methods to combat them.
The best info to come out of this was to use a 3 year crop rotation scheme where the two fallow years should be spent in growing mustard and barley and cutting it down and tilling it in as often as possible (to combat the nematodes). To combat the leek moth, not much except covering (tightly!) the garlic with row cover. That’s a lot of work and tends to interfere with weeding and watering.