This is a Seagate Barracuda Green 2tb sata hard drive with a date code of 12181 (which is 2011 October 31). It is a model # ST2000DL003.

It failed Sunday morning. That was the terror part. It was the main data drive for us and it had a *lot* of data on it. checked with – out of warranty. Less than 2 years old.
After an hour or testing it, or attempting to test it with various drive recovery processes, we gave it up for dead and started working on getting the data backup drives up and online as live. That went very smoothly with the linux server and within 2 hours we were back up and operational again.

In the meantime a new 3TB drive is on order and should arrive in a day or two, and it is not Seagate.
Over the years we have had dozens of drives fail. Of all types. But there is something about the warranty, support and general feeling about one brand over another that is hard to dismiss.
The hard part will be to transfer all of the data from the databackup drives to the new one… that may take a *lot* of time.

*ALL* hard drives fail. Eventually. Plan for that occurance and things will go a lot less stressful for you when they do.