This is a 6 year old HP dv6500 laptop. It’s fan makes the most irritating noise one can imagine.
So today, we took 2 hours to take it apart and try to repair the fan, by cleaning out the &$@^$ form it and maybe getting some grease in there.

After the first 90 minutes it turned out that one cannot actually get inside the fan assembly.
What a deconstruction learning experience however. Wow. This was complicated.

Blew out a lot of *^$^$@, cleaned out a lot of cat hair from everywhere and put it all back together again.

10 seconds after power up the fan starts making noise. arrg.

Update: the good news is, is that at idle, the internal temp is a good 5-10 deg C cooler.

ok.. plan B is to cut out the grill in front of the fan on the bottom on the laptop and cut the power wires to the fan. The whole laptop sits ontop of an auxialary cooling unit so I suspect we can live without the intermittently operating and almost always noise internal fan.