This is an image of our first butterfly and pollinator garden, located on the north side of the house.

It contains a lot of perennial plants that are known to be of use to butterflies and pollinators.

The newest addition to this is a little concrete watering bowl that Kim made a few days back, from an deep object adn a large rhubarb leaf wrapped around it, with a bag of concrete applied overtop. The resulting art product looks like this:

It holds water well and we will see if the water evaporates first or goes green, as does most of our other bird baths.

In addition, since we had two bags of concrete, she made a 2nd bath… somewhat larger, requiring a two person carry:
This one we have located in what we are developing as our 2nd butterfly and pollinator garden. The 2nd one will be more sunlit, better sheltered from the wind, and hopefully visible from the back deck.