You get the idea that we might have cats? You are correct!
Where do they all learn about this behaviour with humans? Some two week course they take online while we are out of the house?
Cats are also supposed to be stealthy. Why does it sound like a herd of wild horses running up and down and up and down the hallway at 5am?

Pumpkin, for all of his 17 years, still manages to jump the deck fence and goes exploring in the back yard, all the while, inside complaining about how old and stiff he is.

Dora does not understand why she gets into trouble jumping the fence.. especially when she is chasing and catching those evil chipmunks that keep digging up the flowerbeds.

Peyton is the only one not yet caught.. we suspect she is learning from the others that jumping the fence is a fun thing to do… maybe she is just smarter than the others and hasn’t been caught.
This is an example of a cat learning how to parallel park: