Below is the list of names of the different types of garlic we planted this year. We are a small scale operation, planting just enough to continue planting the type (saving seed), try them out for ourselves and have a couple of bulbs leftover for others to try to plant.

We built a “dibbler”, a piece of 2″x4″ wood with 6 sharpened dowels pointing down, that you can step on and create a regular and consistent depth and spacing of holes to plants garlic cloves into. As a result we plant in units of 6. For those types that we really like (ie artichoke formidable, inchelium, mennonite), or have a demand for, we plant more units of 6.

23This year we have also expand the “Ted Collection”, some of the types developed by The Garlic Man, Ted Maczka.

Other new types we have picked up at the Verona and Carp Garlic Festivals in 2014 and from Beaver Pond Estates’ Paul Pospisil

The main beds below took 11 person-hours to plant on Saturday November 1st.
Another 3 hours to plant the various garlic bulbil project cloves and finally another few minutes to cover up with straw for the winter and WE ARE DONE!

Starlight Cascade Gardens Heirloom Garlic Planting 2014

type total 73
bulb total 492

acropolis greek 6
alberta hardy 6
argentine4 6
artichoke formidable 24
barcelona red sp 6
bubbas chesnock 6
carpathian 6
chesnock red 6
chilean silver 6
chloe 6
czech broadleaf 6
dujanski 6
F3V 6
french 6
genki 6
georgia crystal 6
georgia fire 6
german red 6
german white 6
Hungarian 6
inchelium 24
italian lorenz 6
japanese 6
japanese sikura 6
kettle river giant 6
Khabar 6
korean purple 6
lucian sicilian 6
magnificent 6
mennonite 24
metechi 6
Mexican Red Silver 6
musical 6
northern quebec 6
northern siberian 6
omas 6
persian star 6
phillipino 6
polish jenn 6
purple glazer 6
purple stripe sicilian 6
red rezan 6
rodrigo 6
rose de lautrec 6
rosewood 6
russian red 6
seversky palisek 6
shouldice 6
siberian marble 6
silver white 6
silverskin40 6
slovak 6
solent wight 6
spanish roja 6
spicy korean 6
sweet candy 6
Ted F1 6
Ted F2 6
Ted F21 6
Ted F23 6
Ted F3 6
Ted F30 6
Ted F40 6
Ted F7 6
tibetan 6
transylvanian 6
ttv5 6
us polish 6
us republican 6
us romanian 6
wild garlic 6
wyld garlic 6
zimo 6