new bed 4west - 6'x23'

new bed 4west – 6’x23′

The 2014 fall garlic planting was completed on Saturday 2014 November 01, taking 11 person-hours.
This is the newest vegetable bed, Veg4west. It is 6′ wide by 23′ long and was newly created over a grass lawn with a lot of paper and cardboard at the bottom, lots of triple mix dirt on top, and 6 bags of composted sheep manure (0.5,0.5,0.5). Some home compost was thrown in as well.

This is less than 1/2 of the garlic patch. The lists will be transcribed in the near future but basically we planted in units of 6 plants. Each row across holds two units or 12 cloves.
Each garlic clove in the unit of 6 is 6″ apart from the next.
Each row of 12 is 10″ away from the next row of 12.

laminated laser printer stapled to stick

laminated laser printer stapled to stick

We also moved to try out a new system of signage this year. In the past we have used 1×2’s with red paint for names. Over time those too fade away, but moreso, it is a lot of preparation time to find, clean, paint, and dry. This year we printed out the names on a laser printer, then had that laminated. We cut the laminate apart and staples them to 1×2 stakes and pounded those in with the nametags facing north to minimize sun exposure..

Vegbed #4A 14'x15'

Vegbed #4A 14’x15′

This is the 2nd bed of plants… an area 14’x15′ Here we planted 3 beds of 13 rows, each row with 1 unit of 6 plants. 6 plants is all we need to keep the seed going, to have a couple of bulbs to sell to other seed savers who want to expand their garden, and have a couple to eat.

Some of the types we really like (Mennonite, Inchelium), we grow out 24 plants.

It was about 3deg C with a good stiff wind from the north, maybe 10-20kph. No rain though.
That made all the difference.

All in all, roughly 72 types this year, approx 490 plants.
We still have straw to spread plus the garlic bulbil growout in veg beds #7 and #8 to complete planting this week. Maybe if we are lucky, we can be 100% completed by the weekend.