The last of three parts to the Tolkien work “The Hobbit” will be arriving inthe-hobbit-banner1

theatres this week.

We have prepared by rewatching parts 1 and 2, namely An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug

over the last week.  It was good because over the course of two years, it is easy to forget a lot of the detail I suspect we will need to know for the last installment.  They were good albeit overly long.  Goodness knows how long part 3 will be The Battle of the Five Armies.

Updated: 2014Dec19

well.  we saw it.. opening night.  in plain old 2D.  The house was almost full and at the end a small scattering  of applause… and not much else.

Generally it was ok, maybe even good.  But not great.  Disappointing in many ways.  Overly long to be sure.  Glaring subplots which could have been removed wholesale.

OK we saw it once.  Maybe there will be a Directors Cut of the whole 3 movies pared down into just one movie of middl’n length.