20150102c-2684Upper Canada Village is a heritage park in the village of Riverside near Morrisburg, Ontario, which depicts a 19th-century village in Upper Canada.  We first visited it earlier in the summer of 2014 and had a great time.

They reopen for a few weeks in the winter with a spectacular light display, horse drawn wagon rides, a ferris wheel and a miniature train.  Our timing could not have been better.

Wednesday December 31st was a bare ground/no snow day.   Thursday January 01 was a very bad storm with multivehicle collisions on the 401 highway  that closed it down for most of the day.  Friday however was a sun/cloud day with the highways cleared and a good 4-5 cm of snow on the ground.  We arrived just past sunset and spent a glorius 3 hours walking around in -8C enjoying the marvellous light show, rides, hot drinks in the tavern and much much more.

Yes, we had to look down as well as up as there were live hay burning horses roaming the streets, leaving hot steaming deposits on the roads!  All in all it was a worthwhile 2 hours drive and we look forward to going back again next year!


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