When we moved into the country, there was no cable television. We decided on Starchoice satellite TV at that time and generally things went well. There were weather? related outages many times per year, sometimes at the very worst of times (February 1, 2003 – The shuttle Columbia disaster).
Since then the subscription price has gone up, much faster than inflation. About 1 year ago it had reached over $120 and we said enough!

We then attempted to cut back on various packages and choices and in the end, the amount was even more than before. This was because of there pricing scheme..always trying to get you to go for just a little bit bigger package.

A year later, it was still over $100/month and we were entering into the spring and summer seasons of being outdoors most of the time and not watching TV. So it got axed.
So far, three weeks later, no harm no foul, no bad afteraffects.

We did decide to try out Netflix.ca and at $8/mo it has turned out to be an excellent choice. The simple ability of it remembering where we left off when binge-watching a particular series is great. IN the past, we would have to rewatch bits and pieces of episodes to try and decide where we were.

Some of the titles we have been reacquainted with are: 3rd Rock from the Sun, Firefly, XFiles…
and some things we are watching for the 1st time: Glee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more.
There is a *lot*.
Future series to watch that we never have before include: Lost, Mad Men, Breaking Bad and again, a lot more.

The local cable tv company now does service our area, but try as you might, you cannot get prices from their website on TV packages. Very frustrating. Sometimes one does not want to expose oneself to a marketing person, no matter how much you may be interested.

Eastlink! We are talking about you! Put your prices out in clear easy to find text!