When we left work early Friday morning (2015 June 26), we had no idea what would be awaiting us upon our return.

We spotted it some kms away.. wondering what the heck and where the heck it was, with a slow dread building in the back of our minds.

As we turned the last corner to home, it was the thing that our nightmares are made of.
A 100m Rogers cell tower in our backyard.

We had hoped that they had withdrawn the application after our protests, found another location further from homes, been stymied by the Township of Stone Mills opposition. But none of that was the case. It had been a year since the last news and this was the result.

We were impressed that this could go up in less than 10 hours, complete with antennas premounted and guy wires all strung out.
The first night or two were dark, but on the 3rd night the red aircraft anticollision light started up on the top.
We wait in fear for any white light strobe. That may still come.

This will affect our long term Sky Quality Meter data logging, and allsky meteor camera system images.

Then it will be some time before they start transmitting. That will then affect our SID and Radiojove Radio telescopes.

It already affects visual observing in the rising northeastern horizon. Deep sky imaging will be impacted by any object being tracked through the tower and guy wires.

A very depressing few days to be sure.

Rogers, know this.
Thanks to your complete ignorance in deigning not to respond to our concerns, general and technical questions, we will never use your services and will actively go out of our way not to recommend them.
Your welcome.