To date we have had 4 of 5 linux fedora 23 updates completed, so far all without issue.
Of particular note was an update from a troublesome system running fedora 21. Over 20 attempts to upgrade this to fedora22 failed due to some mounting issue failure during the upgrade. After each failed attempt, I decided to stop and wait for fedora 23 to come along.

Eventually it did, I tried it and it failed.. 5 times. But at least the error messages were different this time.
Seemed to be a conflict with .f22 and .f23 packages. It would fail after “running transaction test” and reboot
I tracked down /var/lib/dnf and rm *fc22* -f and tried it again…
It went passed the transaction test to the Running transactions. 3839 steps later (and 50 minutes later), it restarted into fedora 23 without error!
What a relief. Powerup to login time is 53 seconds. Could be less with a SSD Boot drive… will think about that in the future.

One more upgrade to do here, a few at home and this will be done.