fedora-penguinIt’s always a good day when a new Fedora Linux gets released. Today was Fedora 23. There was no real rush to upgrade… we were already on kernel version 4.2 and in all but one case, everything was working well and smoothly.

The one exception was a fedora 21 installation that absolutely would not upgrade to version 22. It would get midway through the process, and reboot back into 21. Very frustrating the last 6 months or so.

The goal now was to skip 22 and upgrade directly to 23. But first, an upgrade on a couple of noncritical systems first, just to test out the process and learn what to expect.

[root@Sxx]# fedup –network 23
fedup has been replaced by ‘dnf system-upgrade’. Use that instead.
Redirecting to ‘dnf system-upgrade download –releasever 23’:
Fedora 23 – i386 19% [===- ] 1.2 MB/s | 7.5 MB 00:26 ETA
Skipping packages with broken dependencies:
policycoreutils-python i686 2.4-14.fc23 fedora 399 k
python-pexpect noarch 3.1-4.fc23 fedora 123 k
Transaction Summary ====================================================================
Install 66 Packages
Upgrade 1350 Packages
Remove 2 Packages
Total download size: 739 M
approx 10 minutes to download.
Download complete! Use ‘dnf system-upgrade reboot’ to start the upgrade.
approx 1 hour to upgrade after reboot
rebooted without issue into: Linux version 4.2.3-300.fc23.i686+PAE
as a bonus using the –network update method, there were no updates to install afterward!

Successes: 1/1 so far.