The potatos have finally hit the ground. Much later than we wanted, given the extremely high temperatures we have been having here of late (high 20’s C and into 30+ the last two days).
The 18’x24′ bed was prepped with 16 bags of 15kg composted sheep manure (0.5,0.5,0.5) and two yards of garden mix dirt to top it off and then tilled in and left to sit for a few days.
This morning the following 11 types of potatos went in, 5 and 10 hills each, depending on what they were and how much we like them

5x white rose, 5x green mountain, 5x kennebec, 5x norgold russet, 10x yukon gold, 5x blue victor, 10x irish cobbler, 5x morning glory, 5x warba, 5x kennebec retail, 4x norland.
The ground was extremely dry so was subject to an hour or watering to get those potatos going.
I do not want to show a picture of the “before” potato, with the foot long eyes… very scary!