There we go… our annual purchase of dirt to help create flower and veg beds on our rocky rocky land.
This is 7yds of triple mix earth running at about $39/yard this year, a little up from last years $38.
Delivery was next day, which is always good.

We keep track of where it comes from and where it goes, along with any soil additives that go into it. We don’t really need this now, but if someday we decide to apply for certified organic with our heirloom seed saving veg, we will already have a track record on paper.

7 yards should be about 63 wheelbarrel loads, using our 4 wheel dumping wheelbarrel. That alone has been a lifesaver over the more conventional wheelbarrel. Especially now that the flat tire problems have gone away with the addition of tubes inside the tires.

We hope to have this pile gone in a week or so. It tends to get rained on and compacted over time. It also kills the grass underneath it, where it overflowed from the tarp on the ground.

About 2 yards are going into a new 12′ diameter circular flower bed out front, that will be mostly low maintenance plants with a few concrete steps and the centerpiece, a wind spinner.

More of it is heading to the newly relocated/rebuilt raised veg bed #9, a 4’x16′ bed moved from behind the shadows of a lilac bush.
Funny… when we first built the bed, the lilac bush was only 2′ tall.. Now it is over 8′ and still growing!

More is headed for grading around the house, to slope it away so water also goes away from the foundations. All of the rest of the veg beds need a topup, and maybe we will have more leftover to top up some of the other flower beds as well.

Summer is coming!