fedora-penguinLinux Fedora 24 came out today, after many weeks of delays. This is the operating system of choice for servers. The system was running an uptodate Linux Fedora 23 prior to this.

I tried an inplace update on a minor server and surprise of surprises, it worked.. and without any issues.

The command sequence ran like this:
dnf update
dnf system-upgrade download –releasever 24
that failed with an error so tried it again
dnf system-upgrade download –releasever 24 –allowerasing
Transaction Summary
Install 58 Packages
Upgrade 1052 Packages
Remove 3 Packages
Downgrade 5 Packages
Total download size: 640 M
dnf system-upgrade reboot
after a little over 2 hours, the upgrade was complete and operational.

One down, many to go. I’ve actually started the second one today and will see how it goes.

From http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/230897/

Fedora 24 Server edition is more streamlined and introduces more modularity, which will become a major factor in future Fedora releases, even as unnecessary packages were removed and the installer has a smaller footprint.

Updated 2016 June 22: two more upgrades done, only one issue with apache httpd service not starting. Already knew the solution to that and fixed it. prepping for more upgrades..

Updated 2016 June 23 . Two more upgrades completed. four for four with no major issues whatsoever. The updates for SSD based boot drives were on the order of 15 minutes, for spinning drives, almost 2 hours.

Updated 2016 June 27. Finished the last of the linux fedora server operating system upgrades. Five of five completed without any major issues and better yet, the smoothest upgrade in a decade.