We had a 10+ year old swingset here on this spot for the last few years. The top had disintegrated and broke, the seat was bad and we finally got rid of it.

In its place are two spankin new Adirondack chairs from Costco that we picked up a couple of months ago, and just this past week had time to sand down the pieces, add two coats of bright happy paint, and assemble them with glue and screws.

They should last for quite some time as two others we have have lasted a good 10 years already.

The oasis garden has a floor of weedcloth and peastone and has (off-frame) a small burning pot for fire in the chilly evenings (hence the pile of wood).

The chairs are very comfortable and sturdy. We don’t worry about them being out in the weather, although we will cover them up or bring them undercover shelter for the late fall, winter and early spring seasons.