It’s been 10 days since my last imaging run, mostly because of being away for the last week and then prepping for the last week.

Went outside and discovered that a) it does not get dark until after 21:30 now and b) the maple tree in the backyard will eat Jupiter by 22:30 EDT.

Definitely time to read through the new book from Charles Ennis, “Building a small observatory” and look at building a new small one farther away from the house and trees.

seeing was surprisingly poor, even without the jupiter eating tree, as was transparency. The Great Red Spot was just entering stage left. AND I did use the new Bahtinov focus mask


and it will take some practice to get used to it. This run of Jupiter was 36ms exposures totalling 90 seconds and using the best 50% to stack. The best of them was this one around 22:18 EDT

Rumour has it there will be another astronomer with a better observatory, a better pier, and more astronomical type skills also starting to image planetary work with his new ZWO ASI120MC camera… and at a much lower cost than two years ago!