20161106_131424It took us two days, 1 hour after work on Friday and almost 2 hours Saturday morning, to get the approx 500 bulbs of garlic planted in Veg bed #5. Both days were cool and a little breezy, but at least not raining.
Saturday we were out after sunrise, but the sun had not yet touched the garden bed when we started.

This year, we staked out the bed and ran a rope between each end. This would act as a guide for the dibbler, placement was much better and the rows actually lined up a lot more! The 6 dibbles are 6″ apart. Last year we did spaced the dibbler from one row to the next at 10″ hoping that the garlic would have enough space to grow larger. That did not affect them in the least. This year we are spacing rows 6″ apart when planting different types, in a bid to save space.
When planting the same type, we are spacing at 4″ and a little offset from each other.

Fridays planting after work got us from A’s to M’s (alphabetically to help keep everything correct).
Saturday saw us do the rest, including the ones we could not find the day before. The last job was to tear apart 3 bales of straw to cover them to the winter.

The garlic bulbil project was planted Thursday after work and we covered it as well with straw on Saturday.
To aid in record keeping, we planted by a spreadsheet printout on a clipboard, alphabetically with all of the signage pre-printed and attached to 12″ stakes, as a cross check.
When we were done, we walked around with an audio recorder and read out all of the names.
Then we went around again and took digital images of the signs, to ensure that we keep the 75 different types separated come harvest time.

The master list will be transcribed and posted here in a few days.