This is a southbound view of Highway #38 near Murvale, with the flood waters receded back from the eastern lane. Yesterday it covered the eastern lane and the western lane was also affected. The heavy rain (115 mm to date this month) has caused a lot of high water, but all in all it has been managable in our area. There have been actually fewer local yards and ditches and fields flooded than we have seen in the past, and yet some new events have occurred, like the flooding of highway #38.

To top that off, this morning was our latest in the month recording of snow

Needless to say, plants into the ground have been delayed by at least 2 weeks more likely 3 or 4 weeks. The peas and garlic are about the only things above ground at the moment. All of the other plants started from seed are still in the house, most likely to be moved out into the greenhouse this weekend.