Here we are in the middle of May already.

The Black Flies, here for two weeks now, continue to inhibit all outdoor activity. Event with bug hats, jackets and gloves, they still get inside and leave nasty bites.

That and the 133mm of rain this month have left the gardens mostly unplanted. We are slowly working on the beds with a new 4’x16′ bed going in, made mostly from leftover parts of an older bed that was behind a short row of lilacs 15 years ago… now tall lilacs that completely keep that section in shade.
All of the seeds started in the house (some in the lightbox above) have been moved out to the greenhouse.

The newest vegbed had planting started in it (veg#10) yesterday with carrot seed going in.
The garlic may be doing well.. it has been hard to go out back, into the kingdom of the black fly!
Weeds and grass continue to establish themselves in the large veg4 and 5 beds. Need to get that tiller in to cultivate quickly. Oh wait…

Work continues on repairing the numerous tires that have developed leaks over the winter. Two on the wheelbarrel, one on the wagon, two on the tiller, 4 on the tractor. I am afraid to even look at the bicycles.

The allsky2 camera system continues to be down. Not enough time to finish the troubleshooting.. there is a spare camera around here someplace!