When we first moved to the country many years ago, we had bats. In the twilight and evening hours we could see and hear bats flying around and eating a lot of bugs. They stopped appearing some years ago. SO we thought, maybe we should put up a bat house? We have put up maybe 10 or more bird houses and they do attract birds, so why not bats?
Plans to build bathouses are widely available on the Internet, but time was lacking to actually do the building.
We finally found one for sale in Campbellford at the wonderful Stedmans dept store. That was two years ago.
We finally found it again and went to mount it back in the property but could not find a suitable location. They wanted 10-15 feet above the ground, south facing and at least 3-5 feet clear underneath for takeoffs and landings.
So, lacking a decent tree, we tried this, mounting it on the entrance arbour to one of the gardens.
It may take a year or two before they may get inhabited, so now we just have to wait and see.