The tomatos have come out of the greenhouse and have been hardening off outside for the last three days. So far so good, no losses.
This is the approximate list, ie those that were planted in the greenhouse. Some did not germinate, others did not survive. They have been transplanted once into larger individual pots (seen above) and will be put into the ground in the next few days. At that time we will correct the list where needed:
1 Tomato Alacrity
2 Tomato Amish Paste
3 Tomato Asleigh
4 Tomato Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry
5 Tomato Azoychka
6 Tomato Bear Claw
7 Tomato Black Plum
8 Tomato Blush
9 Tomato Bonny Best
10 Tomato Brandywine
11 Tomato Brandywine Lanis Valley Strain
12 Tomato Brandywine Sudduths Strain
13 Tomato Bull’s Heart
14 Tomato Burbank 1915
15 Tomato Campbell Paste
16 Tomato Cosmonaut Volkov
17 Tomato Dandy
18 Tomato Earl of Edgecombe
19 tomato Earliana
20 Tomato Eros aka Red Eros
21 Tomato Ferris Wheel
22 Tomato Fireball
23 Tomato Green Grape
24 Tomato Hotset
25 Tomato Kellogg’s Breakfast
26 Tomato Lemon Drop
27 Tomato Lime Green Salad
28 Tomato Livingston Stone
29 Tomato Martino’s Roma
30 Tomato Mr Griffiths florida cherry
31 Tomato Napoli Paste
32 Tomato Pink Bumble
33 Tomato Red Pear 1861
34 Tomato Scarlet Beefsteak
35 Tomato Scotia
36 Tomato Sunrise Bumblebee
37 Tomato Yellow Pear

There are at least 3 of each, for approx 110 plants.