On Friday 2018 May 25th, the SCGO Potato crop was finished planting. In addition to a few earlier types planets in VegBed6, the majority were put in VegBed4.
The black flies were out again and we had to wear bug jackets. This is week 4 or 5 of black flies.

Each row had 6 hills and were of one type of potato. The rows are running North-South.
From East to West the potatos are:
Blue Victor
Irish Cobbler
Morning Glory
Green Mountain
Yukon Gold
Yukon Gold again
White Rose
10 rows, 9 types, 60 hills in this area.

Updated: 2018 May 30
Potatos were planted a few days earlier in VegBed#6:
Morning Glory
Blushing Belle
French Fingerling
5 types, 15 hills