This is part of our heirloom tomato patch. Each plant is staked, velcroed for support and labelled with a laminated nametag. We top up our soil each year and this year’s was just a little weed infested. The foreground is the result of an hours worth of weeding, the background is the total ground cover of weed. Ick! So far so good, no tomato hornworms at all. The drought has been bad. The 2nd image shows the last month of rainfall at our weather station. 10mm for July and maybe 25 for the last 30 days, with two to three weeks of heat wave temperatures. Surprisingly the tomatos are doing not too bad. They are being watered every other day in the early morning or late evening. The ground is totally dry the next day. There are some flowers coming up, some pollinators in the area, so we hope for a slightly subpar normal harvest this year.