Day three of the SCGO 2018 Garlic Harvest. Another 90 minutes in the gardens, another 136 plants harvested. For the first time, the new washing table was put to use.
Easier on the back with less bending over, but still the water splash completely soaks your front.
Still, better than before.

Construction details:
The tabletop was built from 1×4″ wood, 21″deep and 48″ wide. It was glued and screwed together. Hardware metal mesh with 1/2″ grids were installed on top with a little extra (24″x50″) bent over the edges. with the corners cut to allow the bending. It was stapled and nailed (1″ roofing nails) on.
After that, a suitable work height was determined to be 36″, so 2×4″ legs were cut to 36″ and mounted on the inside of the tabletop. Glued and screwed in gives a relatively stable surface to work on.
A cloth was added as a skirt to stop the spray from soaking ones legs and a 2×2 post was added on one edge to help support the hose.
All of the material except the hardware mesh were leftover items and were reused for this project.

Testing revealed the hose still needed to be handheld as it was not directed at the correct area for washing. Still working on that feature upgrade.