In a recent audit, we came across a linux fedora server that was actually two versions out of date, not just one. Somehow it was missed, or something went wrong the first time.
So this morning we did a double back to back upgrade of linux fedora 27 to 28 and then 28 to 29.
It went flawlessly and quickly. The server had a 120gb ssd drive, which helped a lot for the speediness side of things.
All in all, less than one hour for both upgrades, including approx 1GB download for each of them.

The last plug for SSD drives is an upgrade we did to the SuperSid data logging computer. The 20-40KHz loop antenna is well away from the house and the coax line that runs to the amplifier is maybe 25′. So the data logging computer stays outside in an outbuilding all summer and winter long.. and those extremes of temperature are no conducive to moving parts, like spinning hard drives.
So the Acer Aspire One netbook unit was shut down, brought inside, reconnected to a wired network, and a bare metal disk image was made with the free version of macrium reflect v4. That was about 40 GB, stored on an external USB drive. Its keyboard removed, then the panel removed, allowing access to the SATA hard drive. Two ribbon cables needed to come off, which caused some issues later putting them back. In any event, an old 120GB SSD was installed and the unit reassembled… that took a little time but eventually it was all back together.
The nextstep was to boot from a macreium reflect rescue media, an 8GB USB flash drive and then restore from the external usb drive. After an hour or, the restore was complete. After reboot the system was up and running.
It was reconnected to the Supersid receiver this morning and all seems good to go for the upcoming winter.