Another six months, another release of Linux Fedora. We are up to version 29 now, and with each version the problems are fewer and the results are faster.
We are updating server class systems today. We start with the least important, least critical server and try the process out on it.
A few commands, a lot of downloads and a reboot, and the first upgrade from Linux Fedora 28 to 29 completed in under 20 minutes.
Granted this machine had a 120GB SSD drive and a gigabit network connection. Still very fast!
But the best part … no issues! All services continued to run, did not break under the strain of the upgrade. That is pure gold.

That went so well, I tried it out on a workstation software version. This one not so good. It’s been 2+ hours and appears to be hung. Granted no SSD drive.

Updated 2018 Nov 01. Two more servers have been successfully upgraded with no issues whatsoever. Awesome!