This website has been running on linux fedora forever… at least 15 years if not more. Back in the day we started with 32 bit linux, as that is all we had. Over the years, the hardware has been changed out, failed, upgraded, etc. Here in 2019, the hardware is much newer 64 bit CPU architecture but still only running a 32 bit operating system. This had a number of drawbacks, like only being able to see 3GB of RAM and not the 6GB on the system.
Three weeks ago, the issue became critical as new updates to Fedora 29 caused the system to become unstable, manifested by resource allocation issues and crashes and lockups.
So yesterday, we took the plunge… wiped the drive and reinstalled a fresh copy of fedora 29 server 64 bit. It’s taken until now to get most everything back up and running, the hardest part being the mysql database and its interface to wordpress.
So far so good!
The system is stable again, showing none of the issues and failures of the last three weeks.
Let’s hope for clear sailing ahead!