Wow. This is for any imagers in particular out there, with a desktop of laptop computer with a spinning hard drive.
Replace it with a Solid State Drive (SSD). Now! The prices have dropped in half in the last 8 months.

Many laptops these days are coming with a 120GB SSD but if you image at all, you know that it can and will fill up quickly. I routinely fill up the unused 80GB in the space of an hour or two. Last May (2018) we upgraded Kims laptop from a 120GB to a 480 GB for $184Can
This was a Kingston Digital 480GB UV400 SSD C2C 2.5″

Today I just received one for my laptop, a Kingston Digital A400 SSD 480GB SATA 3 2.5”, not exactly the same model as above but certainly good enough… for only $75Can, both through Wow! Again, a huge price drop in less than 9 months.

You will benefit from this:
Much faster read/write response! Less heat generated inside the laptop. Better timetofailure. Faster startup! Faster program load. Faster data save. More impact resistance (either dropping on ground or pounding on in frustration). Better laptop battery life. Less susceptible to extremes of hot or cold (like out in an observatory).
Absolutely recommended!

I ran through the upgrade process last night and was done in about 90 minutes.
My first method failed, using macrium reflect to make a disk image stored on a network file server, then booting from a macrium reflect recvoery cd and restoring the image… the software was too old and could not see the drive image.

Working process:
1. Clean laptop Drive to free up more space; remove restore points, and have less to clone.
2. Shut down, remove 120GB drive, install 480GB drive.
3. Connected 120GB SSD to an external USB3 enclosure, and booted a clonezilla cdrom.
Cloned the 120gb to 480gb in about 1.5 hours. Disconnected the external 120gb SSD and test reboot the new drive. OK! A couple of reboots by windows later and it was up and running and showing a 110GB partition.
Now lets try to extend the 100GB partition, failed. The Windows recovery partition is in the way, and Windows would not delete it.
OK. Run aomei partition manager software, delete last two partitions. Worked! Then extend main c: drive partition into the rest of the drive.
Reboot. Works! Now showing 446GB with 369GB free!