I installed this 120GB SSD in place of the older larger spinning harddrive in my primary laptop workstation some time ago. 120GB is a little tight for space so I uninstalled all of the Crapware that Microsoft brings along with windows 10.
Today I was particularly low on space and decided to dig a little deeper… and found several more GB of files that were supposed to have been gone. Namely the Candy Crush Saga game located in c:\program files\windowsapps\
wow. Hard to get to.. had to take onwership of the files, change permissions and propogate those down. but it is paying off.. 5GB of files gone so far.
Amazing how much space those programs have, and even more so.. that they were not deleted when told to do so.
Zune. Xbox, solitare, and many many more. Looks like about 7GB in all.
Now using the disk cleanup tool in win10.. another 10GB in the update cleanup!
Now we are talking about serious disk space recovery!