SuperSID receiver

supersid receiver, basically just an RF preamp

Our supersid system has been operating at the edge of the property for 3 years now, mainly to get as faraway from any house generated RFI as we can. Too bad the wifi was intermittent, even with a relay. The netbook itself also suffered from some issues, like locking up or rebooting and not finding its boot drive.
So we made the decision to bring in the netbook, move the antenna over closer to some other computers with wired connections. The antenna was mounted on a 4×4 post in concrete and after a lot of digging then dragging, the antenna and mount were in their new location.
Attempts to get the supersid receiver working on a windows 10 laptop totally failed. All it required was a 5vdc power supply which it got through a usb jack, and the audio output from the receiver into the laptop. We tried various usb sound adapters, the original multiport audio jack and everything else we could think of. All of it came up with was no audio input.. ever.
So this afternoon, the old netbook came back into service, this time on a wired network, and all is working well. If the netbook itself behaves, we should have the first results sometime after 20:00 EDT tomorrow.
The long term plan remains to replace the data logging netbook with a raspberry pi and some python code. Less power, more reliable…

new location of loop antenna for supersid, aimed east