The last couple of years, on what used to be the premier free weather data aggregating server, has gone to hell. Lost accounts, lost configurations, deleting features then adding them in again. Wow.
Today we noted that our station is “offline” and has been since midngiht 2020 January 28. Like heck it is offline. The weatherpi system has been up for 54 days now, reporting to the Weather Underground and PWS and generating its own weewx pages.
doing a quick search reveals no customer response to many many customer notes:

2020-02-03 08:41:20
@DHTheWeatherNut @Eweather13 @VermonsterWx @crankywxguy @TimNBCBoston @EdValleeWx @WesternMEwx Sweet, thx!! Any issues with data getting lost due to issues with Wunderground network data loss like Mike @WesternMEwx has experienced?
2020-02-02 23:09:19
@Armato1 @wunderground What’s up with my weather station being offline for days now ? Seems many others are having issues as well.
2020-02-02 01:29:17
@loparite @wunderground why are the personal weather stations showing as offline when they’re not? It’s been radio silence from you guys as to what’s going on!
2020-02-01 07:53:55
@The_Weatherman2 @wunderground @wunderground Looks like it’s working on the normal app but not on WunderStation
2020-01-31 19:28:28
@The_Weatherman2 Hey @wunderground, 20+ weather stations I follow on WunderStation haven’t been reporting recently, and they all stopped around 4 pm Wednesday. I know it’s not a weather station error because my personal station is working fine. Is there a server error? Anyone know what’s up??