The new allsky1 version3 camera system. The camera is a ZWO ASI 120MC (not cooled) with a 2.1mm lens giving approx a 150 degree field of view.
The housing was upgraded from 9″ to 12″ tall as the space inside was a little tight.
The 110VAC was removed and replaced with two power lines, a 5VDC for the raspberry pi and asi120mc camera, and a variable 6-12VDC for the 10 ohm 10 watt heating element in the dome.

Mounted on an angle to the north as the lens is not horizon to horizon.. and we want to bias it towards the north. Mainly for aurora…

**Updated 2020 Feb 17
Turns out that North is Up requires the camera in an orientation where the usb port is up. So it was the wrong way around the last night or two and was rotated 180deg today.
Looks like frost is still forming.. the variable power adapter is quite old and was a little bit flaky when measuring before the install.. perhaps it is not working at all?
Still getting hot pixels… will wait a few days and try the dark frame again as well.

**Updated 2020 Feb 19
Not a bad night… mostly cloud but some clear skies and stars. All night runs about 18 seconds… may see about dropping the frame rate to extend that a little more.
No condensation or frost overnight. Outdoor temp was about -3C at 5am, so not much of a test for frost. Tonight is forecast to be -14C.. a better test.

** Updated 2020 Feb 27
A new variable power supply ($20) was ordered received and installed on Feb 25th. It was initially set to 4.5vdc and the sensors temp soared to 20C overnight with +2C air temp. Feb 26th it was turned down to 3vdc, going from 2.03W to 0.9W. The sensor temp has now not risen above 10C in warm weather. Tonight air temp goes down to -8C