This is a size reduced annotated image of the planet Mars and the planet Uranus on the COLD! evening (-16C) .
Mars (top of image) was placed nicely overhead and was Magnitude 0.3 and Uranus (bottom of image) was Magnitude 5.7. THey were approximately 2 degrees 41 minutes apart at the time of this photo.
Uranus being out of focus, made it much easier to identify, what with the telltale colour of a bluish green, totally unlike any star. As was the 30 second exposure to have the colour trail out behind each of the planets.

This was taken with a Canon T7i DSLR camera on a tripod with a 30 second exposure at ISO 800, f5.6 with a Canon variable zoom lens 75-300mm.

Another shot taken at 1600 ISO had much too bright of a background, making Uranus actually harder to see than at 800 ISO.