And just like that it is 2021, start of a new year and a new decade.
These are the days… of binge watching television series.
So far:
Brave New World – Season 1 – thumbs up. interesting and just a little different
Letterkenny – Season 9 – undecided – better than season 8
temple – season 1 – tumbs up – a nice british paced series with Mark Strong
the mandalorian – season 2 – thumbs up – hitting its stride a little better
young sheldon – season 4 – thumbs up- season not complete
curse of oak island – season 8 – thumbs down – oh my god.. find something or go home!
yellowstone seasons 1-3 – thumbs up – who would have thought that we would like a right wing extremist show about cowboys?
trickster – season 1 – thumbs up – another differently paced canadian series
truth seekers – season 1 – undecided – who would have thought that nick frost and simon pegg could be humdrum?
war of the worlds 2019 – season 1 – undecided – slow in places, strange in others. lack of english subtitles made it difficult to understand.
star trek discovery – season 3 – undecided – really wonder about the writers in most episodes. totally bad pacing, totally inappropriate character speaches to each other while the ship is burning.. etc. etc..