An interim post… weather has been nicer and warmer than average over the last two weeks, but now that has passed and we are back to below average temperatures and cloud and rain.
A lot of yard work was completed, all flower beds raked, all veg beds pretty much prepped for planting.. and now we wait for the weather to clear and the provincial stay-at-home order to expire on or about 2021 May 6th.
The mail and amazon still work, so it was very easy to order a 480GB SSD drive ($66Can) to upgrade my personal laptop. It has a 120GB SSD drive and has been getting close to being full.

The day it arrived, a Kingston A400, it went into a USB3 external case, plugged into the USB3 port of the laptop, and the laptop was rebooted from a CDROM of Clonezilla. 15 minutes later the internal drive had been cloned to the external drive. 5 minutes after that, the laptop had been opened, the 120GB drive removed, the 480GB drive installed, and the laptop put back together and booted…
And it worked!
It is always pleasant to have technology work the way it is supposed to, and is expected to.
The new drive still had the original partition size of approx 100GB but windows could not expand it (my pc, manage, storage space, expand) because the recovery partition was at the end of the C: partition.
So the machine was rebooted with the CDROM of GParted. The recovery partition was moved to the end of the drive and the machine rebooted into windows 10 again.
Windows was then able to expand the 100GB partition to use the full space available.
GParted was able to expand the partition as well, but in this case we wanted to see if Windows would behave as well.

Two great utilities that everyone should have, who deal with storage devices.
Clonezilla and Gparted