The SuperSID radio telescope system has had some coding updates. As of yesterday:
The supersidpi data logger copies its data every hour to the file server
every hour the file server strips the header from the CSV file, changes commas to spaces and then takes that data file and feeds it to gnuplot, which creates a graph. After that annotations are made to add a date and timestamp when generated, a few static indicators as to when sunrise sunset are generally, and then uploads it to this website.
we’ll post the code a little later down.
At the moment we are only monitoring the NAA station in Maine, mainly as we always get a good signal from it, less so the station in Washington state and north dakota.
In the future we hope to add NOAA data points as well, ie when *they* detect SIDs.
On our own Supersid page we have our live data as well as that of the University Louisville SID system, which we use as a reference.

This is running on a linux fedora server
#process supsidpi data hourly
#new data arrives on the hour :00, do this on the :01
cd /web/supersid/data
datestamp=`date +%Y%m%d`
timestamp=`date +%H%M%S`
year=`date +%Y`
month=`date +%m`
date=`date +%d`
echo datestamp=$datestamp
cp $datafile ../data1.csv
cd /web/supersid
echo remove headers
tail -n +15 data1.csv > data2.csv
echo replace commas
# need to clean up the data, remove the comma, replace with space
sed -i ‘s/,/ /’ data2.csv
cp data2.csv supersidpidata.csv
echo makeagraph!
gnuplot gnu2
echo start png annotation 1600×1200
convert -fill blue -pointsize 36 \
-draw ‘text 230,130 “Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Radio Telescope System”‘ \
-draw ‘text 140,160 “~sunset night ~midnight ~sunrise daytime ~sunset “‘ \
-draw ‘text 400,200 “Generated: ‘$datestamp’ ‘$timestamp’ Eastern Time” ‘ \
NAA.png NAA1.png
cp NAA1.png NAA.png
echo archive NAA
cp NAA.png archive/NAA-$datestamp.png

the code in the gnuplot file gnu2 looks like this

set terminal png
set terminal pngcairo enhanced font “arial,12” fontscale 1.6 size 1600,1200
set output ‘NAA.png’
set xdata time
set timefmt “%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S”
set format x “%H:%M”
set xlabel “time UTC”
set ylabel “relative intensity”
set yrange [0:6000000]
set title “SuperSIDpi Starlight Cascade Gardens & Observatory-Yarker Ontario Canada Lat 44.37N Long 76.77W ”
set key reverse Left outside
set grid
set style data linespoints
plot “supersidpidata.csv” using 1:3 title “NAA 24.0KHz”