After too many years of inadequate cold frames, we have finally found a design that we liked and could build… a 4’x8′ hoop house. This was based on the design of:

The price of materials is much more than what is suggested in the youtube video… x2-x3 more in fact.
So, we will see how this one works out and then decide about building more.

This is made from 1/2″ Schedule 40 PVC, 2×4’s, two hinges, a handle and a bunch of various size screws. Our biggest concern is the extreme wind our area has. We will be adding eyehooks and rope to stop the lid from opening too much and will prop it open with a space short 2″x4″.

We have also found a new supplier for composted sheep manure… this time from a real sheep farm…
instead of commercial 13kg bags for $5. This stuff looks much more potent!