Phew! Kim worked hard and has completed the processing of the 2023 SCGO Garlic Harvest.
This involved cutting the tops and bottoms off, cleaning the dirt off and then measuring each bulb and weighing each type.
We hope to transcribe the data sometime in the next week to get a feel for what worked and what did not work this past year.
This will help us plan for the 2023 fall Garlic planting coming up in October.
I suspect that we will again this coming year, downsize from our largest crop of approx 1500 in the past years to something a lot more reasonable.
We used an 8 hole dibbler to make planting holes for the cloves last year and that was too damaging to the knees to work again, so it was cut own to a 6 hole dibbler, a 25 reduction in bulbs alone!