This is it! Our last day!  Hmmm.. have to do something special… let’s go down to the beach at sunrise and drink some tequila!  So Hank, Kim and I trundled down to the beach and saluted the morning. We also did some long exposure (15 sec) shots looking south at the star Fomalhaut and walking towards the camera.. Pretty neat effect.

A morning of taking it easy, packing up and hopefully not forgetting anything in the rooms, making sure none of the room geckos got into the luggage and we were off to check out at noon and hope on the bus to the airport at 4. Before we headed out however, we were treated to a show, the weekly feeding of the crocodiles? alligators? I always get those confused.

We got to the airport, went through a few security checks, and then trundled through the most massive duty free series of retailers I’ve ever seen. In Toronto there were a couple on the arrivals side. In Mexico we walked for 10 minutes through dozens and dozens and dozens of them, sometimes right through the middle of the stores to get to the other side. They make a huge effort at seperating the last few pesos from the departing 🙂

Around 7:15 our plane arrived, disgorged a full load of gringo touristas and 40 minutes later we boarded on a turned around flight… one seat free on the 757. Packed solid but at least a faster flight home with prevailing winds. We left Mexico in 35 DegC and 95%+ humidity to arrive in Toronto after 1am in near 0C temps, cleared customs and waited for the bags for about an hour. Back to the vehicles and home by 6:30am and right to bed… what a long day!
What a trip!

For a slideshow of 350 odd selected images out of the 1400+ we took on this trip, click here.