2009 Observing Last Night Overall I found that the 5/4″ eyepieces on the 90mm Meade were a lot easier to hold the camera up to the eyepiece and snap off images (than the 2″ eyepieces). I was using a 25mm plossl (about x36 I think), 1/1000sec exposures and the camera on continuous motor drive as it were… Starting with wide angle and then zooming in to x4 on the camera optics and changing the exposure
up to 1/125 sec we had 100 images before you could shake a stick… good
thing too.. clouds came in and it was cold and Rick Mercer was about to
come on.

Then the cool thing happened… reviewing the images inside and
noticed a neat feature lit up on the moon… in the shape of an X

Cool! It looks like the Lunar X feature that was imaged without even
hunting for it! (see RASC Journal April 2007). Attached are two small
images.. one wide angle and the other heavily cropped…
Here they are: