went to see the movie 2012 thursday evening, knowing in advance that it was not going to be the most accurate movie in the world… and it wasn’t. Boy was it ever wasn’t!
One of my favourite cliparts illustrates this very well:thestupiditburns

But I had to just to go and see it, if not for anything else than the special effects… And for the most part they were fun! california sliding into the ocean for instance… lotsa Fun! Very little if no explanation as to the whole premise and any linkage into the mayan calendar.. probably for the best!

Then we fired up Star Trek (2009) .. that was a mistake … more bad writing amongst an otherwise fun movie. Fire all the weapons at the bad guy ship as it is being sucked into a black hole/singularity and then decide to back away … too late! Beaming onto a moving starship at Warp? Come on! And what’s with all of the moving water around and around and all those 90 degrees turns… and turbines? Geeze… as bad/funny as Tim Allen in Galaxy Quest and the mashing teeth tunnel.