We never had a chance to follow Stargate SG-1 during its ten year (1997-2007) run, but we are sure catching up now! Over the last few months we have managed to work our way through the first 5 seasons and are eager to see more and finish it off. The only problem is, spring is coming and we will not have nearly the amount of indoor snowed-in time to watch them that we would otherwise.

Richard Dean Anderson is so much fun that we are looking around for some of the old MacGyver series.

Back to Stargate SG-1. Season 5 is apparently the end of the Goa’uld arc of stories and they are starting on the Anubis arc. So there may be a logical place to stop for the summer after the end of season 6 or 7.
Good story telling, logical solutions to many of the writers convolutions at times. It is probably a good thing that this 5 year story arc closes down, as it was starting to get a little “time-to-move-on” kind of feelings.