Out again early Tuesday morning at 04:00 EST (09:00 UT) to look for Leonids. The skies were pristine but the air was cold.. about -5C.
stayed out for about 30 minutes, taking pictures until the camera batteries died out. The nickel metal hybrids are a lower voltage to start, about 2.62v when fully charged, as opposed to 3.15 for alkalines. Plus being out in the cold, they tend not to last as long as normal. Time to start thinking about building an external power pack for the camera for those long winters ahead.

In any event, Kim was out for over an hour and observed many more than 3 Leonids… counts to follow. I spotted about 3 in the course of 30 minutes. Again, no images on the camera but there should be some on the Allsky camera images, to be reviewed later today.