It has been pretty mild up to now… only one big storm with 20091208-07snow and then rain and then freezeup, but all in all not too bad.
In the next few days we get a taste of -15 C at night… time to haul more wood inside and keep the fires going.

We missed a -10 fireball on Saturday afternoon with the allsky camera system… The fireball went by around 17:54 and the camera did not start imaging until 6 minutes later, at 18:00.
This has since been fixed.. now starting at 17:00 and the dome heater has been taken off the timer and is now on 24/7.

The geminid meteor showed, peaking on Monday morning around 01:00 was a bust as we were clouded right out. The fireball from Saturday evening was almost certainly not a geminid from its path across the sky.